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Womens Persian Cat Slippers

Novelty slippers tend to be an important part the average Christmas in today’s age with a whole new market opening up in the last few years, the amount of womens novelty slippers that are now available is astonishing. In this article we will be explaining the benefits of slippers and giving you a few examples of the ones you can buy right now!

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The History Of Slippers

The first slippers were worn by wives of a rich Vietnamese sultan in the 12th century, the wives were kept captive and to stop them from running away he made them a special type of shoe. The slipper was that creation a thin-soled slippery and soft shoe that would ensure they could not escape over rough terrain such as the rock mountains that surrounded the area of which the sultan lived.

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Well whats the benefit of slippers?

There a whole bunch of reasons why you should wear slippers whilst indoors, the main reason is warmth. Most slippers are made form a series of high quality warm materials that ensure they maintain heat and keep you feet nice and cosy. Other benefits include safety and style, of course wearing a soft layer of material will not stop heavy falling object but it can reduce the impact of such minor hazards such as walking on semi sharp items. Style can be a main factor in wearing slippers are most womens novelty slippers are have a great design which usually matches the wearers likes and favourite things such as animals. Animal slippers tend to be the most popular in the novelty slipper market, products like cat slippers and dog slippers sell thousands each month and are worn by many who just love the fluffy animals.

womens novelty slippers


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What womens novelty slippers are available?

So when it comes to novelty slippers you may find it slightly difficult to find a reliable provider of high quality products, however here at Just A Sec we like to give you the most reliable and stylish slippers we can find from all over the UK. One of the main providers we will be listing is a company called London Shoe Co, who have been on our radar for a while now because of hundreds of good review and recommendations to us.

There is a whole range of different styles of slippers available, here is a short list of the ones we have found:

  • Novelty dog slippers
  • Novelty cat slippers
  • Animal slippers
  • Union jack slippers
  • And other great Womens Novelty Slippers

To find more great slippers at a great price go take a look at London Shoe Co, a reliable provider of slippers in the UK.

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