Ladies Pumps ahead of summer

Ladies Pumps

Finding a reliable pair of ladies pumps this side of Christmas is nearly impossible because of the amount of winter footwear which fills the shelf’s this time of year. You know you have been looking for that ideal pair but because of retail outlets only stocking big fluffy boots you have found it difficult am i right?…

Well in this article you will find that pair you have been so desperately been trying to get and with the help from our good old friend the internet you will find them with quick succession.

But first lets begin with the why…

Ladies Pumps

So why get ladies Pumps in the first place?

Ladies pumps are designed to be a comfortable alternative to other summer based shoe, they are one of the most popular types of shoes now available on the market because of how simple they are. Ladies pumps are also sometimes known as flat shoes and often made of lightweight materials like leather and other synthetic materials.

There are so many question we often get asked so below you will see a list of the most commonly asked questions from the industry.

Why do they only come out in the summer?

They are often brought out in the summer because of the thickness of the shoe which means that during the cooler months like the winter they are not warm enough for the majority of environments. However there is still a huge amount of people that are look for flat shoes during the winter and later in the article you will find out where you can find them.

Are they all the same?

No, they are often very different with hundred of thousands of styles available on the market from hundreds of different companies and manufacturers, there are no two the same. However they are all based around the same similar design a piece of material that covers the sides, heel and toes whilst having an empty gap for the top of the foot.

What are the most common styles?

Although there is many styles which include different types of animal prints, different colours and much more there is one common style that is widely purchased throughout the market. These are plain black pumps, they are popular because of the growing market of individuals wearing them to work, this allows for a simple stylish flat shoe alternative to the classic high heel which is widely used in the industry.

What occasions are they used for?

These pumps are often used by people in the workplace as previously mention in the section above, however they are used throughout the world for both work and leisure. From general day to day use, to work, to going out on a special night these Ladies pumps are an ideal choice for you.

Do they last long?

The majority of Ladies Pumps that we have tested are made from lightweight materials which sometimes means that they have reduced quality such as being too thin or having week stitching, however we have found a reliable provider of Ladies Pumps who have stock all year round.


Our recommendation

We would recommend buying you ladies pumps from London Shoe Co a reliable provider of shoes and slippers, they have recently had a new shipment of flat shoes come in which means they now have over 23 styles. They have a wide variety of ladies footwear including these pumps as well as other greats like slippers.


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