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When it comes to Christmas finding an ideal Christmas present can be a long drawn out experience with thousands of items to choose from. Well sometimes you need that extra piece of help finding the best items to purchase, In this series we will be discussing the best products from a range of categories from slippers to egg timers helping you with only the best gift ideas for Christmas. Without further adieu lets kick the Christmas gifts off with a new pair of slippers from London Shoe Co.

1) Novelty Cat Slippers

Get a pair of novelty cat slippers from London Shoe co, they are made from a super durable synthetic material that ensures they last long through the winter and Christmas’s to come.  An ideal choice because of their soft fur interior which allows for a comfortable warm feel when wearing the slippers, with other additions such as a soft yet hard sole which ensures you can use these slippers through both indoors and outdoors.  A great product to add into the Christmas slippers category and to purchase as a present this winter, because of the great features listed above.

There are a total of 4 novelty cat slippers which include 3 tabby cats and 1 Persian cat, all of which are made from the same high quality materials and have been printed to ensure maximum quality.  As part of the animal slipper range these cat slippers are just one of the many different animal we have in stock such as dog slippers, lion slippers and cat slippers.



2) Purple Bow Slippers

Another great addition to the slippers range is these purple bow slippers by London Shoe Co, They are a fantastic choice because of their supreme durability and comfortable design. These slip on bootie slippers have a purple tartan design and flexible soft yet hard sole which allows for both indoors and outdoor use, because of this hard sole this allows the slippers to be extra durable and doesn’t ware down quickly.

These purple bow slippers are a great present for any lady friends or family you have this Christmas, another great addition to the gift ideas for Christmas.


3) Christmas Slippers

Why not get some Christmas slippers this year? These Christmas boot slippers are made from a soft wool for the exterior of the slipper and are also made of a faux fur for the interior of the slippers which allows for a soft and comfortable fit. When choosing your slippers why not buy ones that have a festive theme, they are a fun novelty gift for Christmas.

These Christmas slippers are a superb choice because of their unique style and slip on design which gives the user the ability to easily get them on and off. Another great product in the slipper range from London Shoe Co, LSC sell all manor of great products which include a range of slippers ahead of the Christmas rush.


4) Santa Clause Slippers

Last but not least are these Santa clause slippers are a novelty gift for a friend or family because of their funny appearance and ability to lighten up a room. Similar to the boots that are worn by Santa these father Christmas slippers are a superb addition to the Christmas slipper range, when looking for your Christmas presents it is important to find a gift that someone will enjoy, these slippers are a perfect choice.

If you like looking festive around the Christmas period these LSC slippers are a superb choice, make sure you check them out before the stock runs out. Stay tuned for the next in our series of gift ideas for Christmas, be sure to keep reading to find out the best of the best when it comes to those gift ideas for Christmas.

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