Christmas Slippers ready for winter

Are you in need for Christmas slippers ready for winter this year? Well we have been looking for some high quality slippers that are available right now to purchase, and guess what? We have found a whole list of them.

In this article we are going to be listing some of the best slippers available this Christmas, from standard plain slippers to novelty slippers we will have an item especially for you. We will have both men’s slippers and ladies slippers in this list and will include both novelty and standard slippers.

Pug Dog Slippers

Womens Pug Puppy 3D Dog Slippers

These womens pug puppy dog slippers are a perfect choice for those who are looking for some novelty slippers for a partner or friend this Christmas. These novelty slippers come in ladies sizes 3 to 8 and are a superb addition to your collection of slippers.


Mens & Boys British Full Union Jack Flag 3D Slippers

Are you patriotic? Why not get these full union jack flag slippers, they offer great comfort and are made of a super durable and soft material. These are a great present for Christmas or as a gift for a birthday because of there simple design unique style, this mens slippers is a perfect choice this winter.


Mens & Boys British Union Jack Flag 3D Slippers

Do you like the union jack flag slippers previously mentioned but want a small design rather than the full slipper being covered? well this is the alternative. This navy slipper has a the union jack flag placed on the front top of the foot and is a less colourful design unlike the other option.


Mens 3D Rottweiler Dog Slippers

Are you a dog lover? well in addition to the ladies dog slippers the men’s dog slipper range includes rottweilers and much more. The Mens rottweiler dog slippers are a superb choice for yourself or as a Christmas present for someone who loves dogs, the simple novelty design is a great laugh. The men’s slipper range is made of durable soft materials that are both comfortable and warm, a perfect combination for the winter months.


Mens Novelty Tiger Slippers

When it comes to novelty slippers these tiger slippers are a superb choice because of there super cool design with other animals available in the range, these are just one of the many fabulous slippers available. The men’s slippers are made from a blend of soft materials that help to increase the comfort of the slippers and the warmth during the winter.


Mens Novelty Lion Slippers

The men’s novelty slipper range also includes these novelty lion slippers which are a superb choice because of there great design and soft interior allowing for a comfortable and warm feel when wearing the slippers. Like all of our slippers they are made of the highest quality materials that are both set to industry standard, these mens novelty slippers won’t let you down when you need them.



Mens 3D Staffordshire Bull Terrier Dog Slippers

In addition to the rottweiler dog slippers these staffordshire bull terrier dog slippers also known as staff slippers are a great choice for those who love animals, especially dogs. These novelty slippers are made of a super durable material that is both fluffy and comfortable with added warmth, they are a perfect choice for the winter.

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